Ending of Sousei no Aquarion EVOL

X - 23

Artist: AKINO & AIKI from bless4
Lyrics: Gabriela Robin ( = Yoko Kanno)
Composition and Arrangement: Yoko Kanno
Song: Gekkou Symphonia (ED of EVOL)
English version:

It's not like it was stolen by the wind
With the courage of a one-way trip
We accept the tragedy

The cavity where the heart was supposed to be
If I was more big
Would I have been able to save you, the future

Carrying only but one means
To protect your precious person
Such you is
A sky drifting astray

I won't meet someone greater than you

The long flare that opposes the moon
The tale that ends without even starting
Softness that can get hurt, an imprisoned melody
To the point of playing* it, to the point of singing it, to the point of breaking it
You'll be longed for

As if the moon ascends from a dream
A sorrowful love song
Can be strummed
And return to the winter of silence

With kindness that doesn't know friction
Lost in the deep-mist forest
The two of us go a thousand years far off

The ash-colored harmony
Love and freedom
Why can't they meet?
Someday, until turning into the dew of the wasteland

The weight of the heart, weight of love
Have been listening with the whole body
Grief, sublime retreating figure

If can protect your dream to the end

The long flare that opposes the moon
The tale that ends without even starting
The tears softly placed on the sky are
An unfinished symphonia
A last request of the stars
To only you dear
To only you

I want to meet you

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2013-03-02 в 03:36 

Шел дракон, летали мыши, крыша ехала домой...
Какая волшебная сказка.

2013-03-02 в 03:48 

X - 23
какая волшебная дракошка)замечталсо...


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